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help us to help

Tuesday 31 January 2017, by Imeru Alfonzo Hernandez

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In recent years Venezuela has reached critical levels in terms of shortages and high cost of living, the acquisition of medicines and food is becoming more and more difficult for Venezuelans ...

On the one hand you can not find the basic medicines and food and on the other hand, when you find the prices are prohibitive for anyone, with an average income of US $ 5 per month you can only hope to survive even by rummaging through the garbage ... the basic basket Venezuelan monthly is about 100 US $ for a family of 4, so even for Venezuelans with stable jobs the situation is very hard.

The #AyudanosAAyudar #AAA # 3A Program is a complementary contribution to programs such as Rescate Venezuela, Will to the rescue and A contribution by Venezuelans who lead people who have bet on Venezuela and that we activate to face the crisis from several points of view, supporting professional growth projects, generation of decent jobs, bringing food, medicine and medical services to those who need it and from the environmental political point of view.

These work fronts have left us many satisfactions, also many sequels and scars, but we know that the problems of Venezuela will only be solved if everyone in the world comes together to build a more just and dignified system for Venezuelans.

That is why we launched this initiative to reach the people who need it most in the interior of the country and we are hoping to build a bank of medicines that will help us meet those who need them and for that we count on you, a contribution of 5, 10 or 50 dollars will make a big difference in our fight.

I invite you to donate us 5 US $
I invite you to donate us 10 US $
I invite you to donate us 25 US $
I invite you to donate us 50 US $
I invite you to donate us 100 US $

... or send us with your acquaintances traveling to Venezuela and send us medicines such as antibiotics, antihypertensives, thyroid function regulators, antihistamines, anti-convulsants, children’s antipyretics and other adult and child medicines that are necessary to care for our people .

To do this inform us that you are sending and with whom by WhatsApp +58 414 1502438, by email helpustohelp@extremos.org.ve, Quarterly we will publish our accounts of expenses and activities, you will see the great contribution that your help has given us for keep helping ...

Imerú Alfonzo Hernandez