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Refund and refund policy

Sunday 1 January 2017, by Imeru Alfonzo Hernandez

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A) The following percentages will be reimbursed upon cancellation of the excursion made by the client:

Cancellation time by the client  % to return
5 weeks before the date. 100%
4 to 3 weeks before the date. 50%
2 weeks before the date. 25%
13 days or less 0%

B) Understand that the excursions have fixed costs and associated logistics and we have your assistance for the normal development of the same, if you decide not to attend leave vacant a quota that is necessary to meet the rest of the assistants, hence this policy of refund before cancellations.

C) If the trip or excursion is canceled or suspended for reasons solely attributable to our team, 100% of the total contributed by the client will be returned.

D) If the client does not arrive at the exit for reasons not attributable to our team, it is cataloged as a NoShow (No Attended) so there is no refund of money.

E) The Client with more than 4 weeks in advance may request the postponement of his excursion, without being penalized, but he must adjust his balance before a possible price increase, to which 100% of the amount will be added for the one contributed .

Z) In all cases, the date of the return of the money is between 5 and 15 bank business days after the completion of the trip for nationals, for accounts of other countries in between 15 and 30 continuous days, for electronic means of payment such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptoactives the refund will be made according to the floating currency conversion in Venezuela.