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Excursion to Roraima, Lost World 2019 - 2020

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Saturday 7 September 2019, by Imeru Alfonzo Hernandez

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** There will be a surcharge on the price, it will be calculated 30 days before.
Excursion to Mount Roraima

In 2019, celebrating the 27th anniversary of our first ascent to the Lost World

Join this extreme adventure and discover what few have seen the Lost World, live from the most enigmatic and energetic tepuy of the planet which will undoubtedly be another extreme experience.
Roraima (Mother of all Waters) is the highest Tepuy of the entire Guayanese massif, it is also the most emblematic of the Tepuyes of the Gran Sabana, being the axis of myths and legends in the Pemón culture and central energy point of the land for the New Age. It is also home to endless species of flora and fauna, which returns us to the era of dinosaurs. A magical world and full of mystery with every step we take. Centimeter by inch Roraima will leave you amazed with its beauty, transporting you out of this world.

Suggested itinerary 6-8 days of excursion:

- Departure from your site of origin to Kumarakapay, San Francisco de Yuruaní (tourist’s account) or Santa Elena. but will have surcharge.

Day 1.

Breakfast Included, Departure to Paraitepuy de Roraima in rustic. First day of trekking from Paraitepuy de Roraima to Tök River Camp (or, according to the group, Kukenan camp) A conditioning walk of about 4 hours, in which the beginning is usually the strongest part in the zone known as the climb Devil, which is no more than a less strong climb than Sabas Nieves, in Avila, with the additional you have to carry your pack in it.

Day 2.

From the Tök River we will walk to the base of Roraima, passing Camp Kukenán, Military Camp and the Skirts of Roraima, the trek will be less than 4 hours again and we will get closer to the Ramp of Roraima, there the distance is shorter, but almost all the route is a slight slope.

Day 3.

From the Base to the top of Roraima, we will enter the steep slopes of Roraima and cross the famous ramp, in it we will see the changes of the climatic floors with the variation of the vegetation, this is one of the strongest days and is comparable with climb to Peak Naiguatá by the Dos Banderas route, but for less time. At the top we will be welcomed by a magical world of animals and shapes frozen in time, withstanding the inclement weather. After entering through a small labyrinth to the top, we will go to the camping site. There we can go to some points of interest in the Tepuy.

Day 4.

This day we will travel the Tepuy, the route will be one of the walks to the Abyss, the Cathedral, the Window, Los Yacuzzi, El Máverik and other places according to the capacity of the hikers. This hike will be without backpack and in a terrain, which although rough is very flat.

Day 5.

This very strong day we will descend the ramp directly to the Tök River camp, making a brief stop at the base camp for a lunch and then walk along the slopes of Roraima to take a well deserved rest in the Camp.

Day 6th.

We will return to Paraitepuy de Roraima and from there to San Francisco de Yuruaní for a well deserved farewell lunch, feeling proud of having defeated the Lost World of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

You will be arriving in Kumaracapay and will be able to rest until the exit in the night or the morning of the following day.

End of Tour

This Trip Includes:

- Excursion of 6 days (from 2 to 3 days up)

- Transfer: Kumarakapay - Paraitepuy of Roraima, return in rustic 4x4 - Kumarakapay.

- Meals: All meals on the tour *. (Six days of breakfasts and 5 dinners, with a lunch for the road every day)

- Specialized guide in Ecotourism and Geotourism,

- Traditional Taurepán guide.

- Mandatory porters for food, tents and others.

- Pemon cook.

- All the routes and fees demanded by the natives in the camps via Roraima.

- Group tents, 2 or 3 people.

- Total counseling from Caracas and optional supervised training routines in Caracas to verify the physical progress of the assistants.

Does Not Include:

- alcoholic beverages.

- Transfers Caracas - San Francisco and others not initially contemplated in this plan.

- Meals during the Caracas-Kumarakapay and return trip, and the stay in San Francisco or Paraitepuy if additional time is necessary.

- Sleeping bags or thermal insulation.

- Individual tents, except direct request and availability.

- Special meals would have a surcharge (macrobiotics, vegetarians, etc.)

- Personal porters are optional, have a cost per day of between 8US$ and 12 US$ , and will load up to 15 kilograms of weight of your backpack during the whole trip.


- Wear a pair of shoes or boots in good condition and if you want some lightweight sports shoes or sandals to be in the camp.

- Sportswear of preference of fast drying for the walks.

- A change of clothes warm to sleep (on the top of the Tepuy is very cold and can reach until 5ºC at dawn) that implies sweater or jacket and a raincoat or black bag.

- Do not take more than 4 changes of clothes and more stockings and bathing suits instead of underwear, especially for walks.

- The digital camera must be in a pair of ziplock bags, especially when it rains, can carry a waterproof camera.

- The backpack should be comfortable and you should be accustomed to it, preferably this should be 35 to 65 liters. If you are a qualified hiker you will be able even with a 95, but remember that weight will leave you free.

- Carrying energy bars or granola / At least biscuits) to get extra energy on the way, you can spend up to 2500 calories a day and some meals can be delayed by the complicated logistics.

- It is recommended that people cut their toenails in a rounded way, so as to avoid getting hurt. Likewise, the shoes should not be new, minimum must have 30 days of use and verify your comfort during the walk.

Special Note: Many people, unaccustomed to this type of adventure, may experience some stress at the top, feel fear and even despair. Roraima is not an easy challenge, nor impossible, but it is not for everyone, more than physical is mental. You must know very well and prepare your mind for the Roraima, after all it is the trekking par excellence of the best hikers in the world.

Overcome your fears and return being much more than you already are, overcome obstacles and change the way you see the world.

Registration must be made no later than 30 days before departure in case of availability, you can transfer or make payment in our offices, or in Venezuela (Only Residentes) by bank deposit in the Savings account of the Mercantile Bank N ° 0105-0277 -270277-03474-4 to the name of Imerú Alfonzo-Hernández, CI 12258401. The deposits must be in cash or transfers only from Monday to Wednesday if it is from a different bank to Mercantil, Please confirm the bank deposit number with the organizers by imerualfonzo@extremos.org.ve or via SMS at 04120172737/04164116569 or WhatsApp +58 414 1502438, prefer email in August

Investment: US $ 380 cash or paypal for by foreign tourists
Investment: US $ 365 cash or paypal for by Brazilian tourists
Investment: US $ 365 cash or paypal for by Venezuelan non residents
Investment: US $ 325 cash or paypal for by Venezuelan residents


If you go on your own, write us and we will give you all the options so that you enjoy to the maximum of this unique and extreme adventure.

This is another journey of extremes, your lifestyle. For our dear environmentalists.

More information: imerualfonzo@extremos.org.ve / imerualfonzo@yahoo.com or on 04164116569/04120172737 or WhatsApp +58 416 4116569

twitter and instagram: @imerualfonzo (guide)
twitter and instagram: @ecoextremos

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Special prices for extreme customers

If you go on your own, write us and we will give you all the options so that you enjoy to the maximum of this unique and extreme adventure.

This is another journey of extremes, your lifestyle. For our dear environmentalists.

More information: imerualfonzo@extremos.org.ve

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