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Body reaction after each training session

Sunday 15 January 2017, by Imeru Alfonzo Hernandez

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After making an effort, the organism is readjusted not only to the starting level, but also to that level. This surplus reaction is what is called super-compensation. And it results in an increase in performance capacity.

Figure 1:

1. The person who trains makes an effort. The longer it lasts, the more tired and more energy consumed.

2. The effort ends and the recovery period (rest) begins.

3. The performance capacity increases to the starting level.

4. The excess "super-compensation" reaction occurs and, as a consequence, an increase in yield.

5. The maximum adaptation effect has been achieved.

6. If there is no new effort, the performance capacity will decrease again.

7. Time of the recovery period. (For example: For a resistance effort, a beginner will reach its maximum adaptation effect in 24 to 36 hours.)

That is why it is desirable to train between every 24 to 36 hours, there lies the importance of daily training.

This Article is original by Guillermo Tula.

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